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Recognize the Signs of a Stroke F.A.S.T.

It is absolutely necessary to recognize the signs of a stroke immediately.  The American Stroke Association says it best with “time lost is brain lost.”  Learn how to spot the signs of a stroke FAST and be prepared anytime you see or feel any of these symptoms.


F:  Face

This can include numbness, tingling, or drooping of the face and or mouth.  If you think your loved one may be having a stroke, ask them to smile and look for an uneven, asymmetrical smile.  Click here to see a perfect example of what this might look like.


A:  Arm

This may include numbness, tingling, or weakness of one arm.  Ask the person to raise both arms and look for unequal strength or control when comparing side to side


S:  Speech

This may present as slurred speech, speaking nonsense, inability to speak, or sudden onset of confusion.  Ask the person to repeat a sentence and listen for changes in their ability to repeat the sentence or their ability to understand the instructions.


T:  Time

Call 911 immediately!  Time lost = brain lost!!!


If all you do is memorize F.A.S.T. then you’re miles ahead of most, but here are some other signs of stroke for your information:

Sudden onset of

  • changes in vision
  • dizziness
  • inability to walk
  • loss of coordination (clumsy movements, running into things when walking, etc)
  • severe headache

I recognized the signs of a stroke.  Now what?   Click here for more details.

I was having symptoms of a stroke, but they went away within minutes.  Now what?  Click here for more details.


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